Used Cars | Ultimate Free Buying Guide [9 Smart Tips]

By | June 23, 2018

How to buy best used cars?

Looking for used cars, but confused. Here are some possible questions (my guess) which might be killing your mind.

  • Is it a good decision to by a used car?
  • I have no experience with the cars
  • What if I befooled
  • What price should I offer etc.

Do not feel ashamed, these are obvious questions and we are here to answer you. Here is your guide to buy used cars. So lets start.

Mind Your Pocket

When a person thinks of buying a used car it is generally taken to be granted that there is a budget problem. Hence, estimating a correct budget is the first point in this guide.

One should research properly for his budget and the car which he wants to buy. Poor calculations may leave you robbed.

Test Drive is Your Right

Buying a car (especially a used one) is like putting all your money in flames to burn. Do not do that, take a test drive and judge the smoothness by yourself.

Age of car

While buying a used car its age matters more than any other factor. Old devices comes with a lot of maintenance cost to you. It to like marrying a old person (I mean really old person).

Have Eyes of an Auto Mechanic

When I say have eyes of an auto mechanic, I don’t recommend an eye operation. What I simply say is, to have a prospective like a mechanic. See condition of engine, look if the vehicle got rusted, conditions of different bearings etc. if you are not good at this, no problem take help of a professional mechanic.

Condition of Tyres

Buying a car with tyres in pathetic condition may cause you immediate repair money. Either get the cost in negotiation or do not buy such car. Also Look if tyres are tubeless or tubed.

Real ownership

A person who is pretending of being the owner may the the servant (funny joke ha ha ha). Take me seriously, may be he is not servant but he may be a thief, wishing to sell a stolen are. Beware of any fraud. This is one of most important thing which should be kept in mind while buying used cars.

I Want History

I don’t mean history subject of high school, instead i mean maintenance history of the machine. Beware of heavy maintenance work due to an accidental case. Fixed Broken bones may look fine but they cause problem at oldness.

Negotiation is must

It is your skill how to negotiate to give the least price to the owner. Do not ever hesitate to bargain. This is one of the most important skills which will help you in buying a best used car.

Legal formalities

Complete all the legal formalities like registration, taxation, invoice and PUC, before the final transaction. Any mistake at this point may leave you looted.

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