Tubeless vs Tube Tyre Which is Better ? [With Comparison Table]

By | June 22, 2018

Tubeless vs Tube Tyre

While planning to purchase a new vehicle especially a car or a bike, we generally come around with tube and tubeless tyres. Most of us (not all) even do not know till that time that modern day tyres are of two types, the one with a tube and another without a tube within. Hence we will start from knowing the difference between tubeless tyre vs tube tyre.

Difference between tubeless tyre vs tube tyre

The older (more known) version of tyres comes with a tube fitted inside. This tube is used to hold compressed air inside so that tyre becomes rigid.

The another (less known but modern) version of tyres are tubeless tyres. These tyres do not need any tube inside to hold air, instead they hold air themselves.

Now when we have learnt what actually the construction difference between the both (tubeless tyre vs tube tyre), we can move to the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Comparison between tubeless tyre vs tube tyre

Property Tube Tyres Tubeless tyres
Overall Life more less
Initial Cost more less
Long run cost less more
Durability more less
Resistance to puncture more less
Air discharge rate (in case of puncture) less more
Shock absorbing capability more less
Puncture repair* easy comparatively difficult
Safety more less
Reliability more less

Most of the comparison basis are involved in the above table. However, which type of tyre is easy to repair (tubeless tyre vs tube tyre) is a matter of debate among many.

An interesting thing which you like to know that, with some modifications one can use tubeless tyres with tubes in case of major failures.


On the basis of above comparison (tubeless tyre vs tube tyre) we can definitely say that tubeless tyres are better than tube tyres. We can easily see that if we do not consider initial cost factor than tubeless tyres are in all way better than tube tyres. With the modern day and changing technology one should not fear to embrace new technology.

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