Automatic vs Manual Transmission | Full Comparison Table

By | June 24, 2018

Automatic vs Manual Transmission

We all want best in our life. This thing is also applicable while opting for a transmission system (Automatic or Manual Transmission). We want power, comfort, and fuel economy all at the same time.

A transmission system is a device which is responsible for torque to speed ( and opposite) conversion.

What should be our choice?

Luckily, for most of us the choice narrows down to Automatic and manual transmission. And now we have to choose between them, which is suitable for us. Before we directly start the comparison. lets first discuss what is an automatic transmission and what is a manual transmission.

Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission (Image 01)

Manual transmission is the most common type of transmission system also known as “stick shift”. In manual transmission the driver has to change gears manually to his driving requirements. For changing gears, a gear lever is used. This system provide autonomy to the driver over the vehicle.

Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission (Image 02)

In automatic transmission the autonomy to change to gears, according to driving requirements, lies on the transmission system itself. In this system gear changes automatically, without the intervention of the driver.

Now when we are clear with the concepts of automatic and manual transmission, we should move on to the comparison.

Comparison between Automatic and Manual Transmission

Tabular method of comparison will help us in understanding each aspect in the best way.

Basis of Comparison Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission
Fuel Economy less more
Ease of use high less
Control of driver over the vehicle less high
Maintenance Comparatively difficult Comparatively easy
Cost more less
Comfort to driver high less


From the above comparison table you can see that, if you love comfort and fuel economy does not bothers you, you can opt for automatic transmission. An automatic transmission is also better for the urban areas where we have to face many halts due to over traffic. But if you want more control over your car and fuel economy bothers you, then you should opt for manual transmission.

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