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Key | Functions, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Key? A key is a machine element which is used to connect a shaft to other machine elements like Gears, Pullies, Couplings, Sprockets or Flywheels. Functions of the key There are two basic functions of key Transmit torque to hub and vice versa Prevent relative motion of the shaft and the joined machine… Read More »

Ceramics | Types, Applications, Properties, Advantages, Disadvantages

What are ceramics? The word ceramics is derived from the Greek word keramos which means ‘potter’s clay’. However, many compounds which are classified as ceramics today contain no clay. Modern Ceramics can be defined as the compounds of metals and non-metals. They generally have ionic atomic bonding between them. Traditional ceramics include insulating materials, glass, refractories,… Read More »

Heat Treatment | Definition and Types with Explanation

What is heat treatment? Heat treatment process is the controlled heating or cooling of plain carbon steel or alloy steel. Heat treatment of steel is used to change its structure in order to obtain certain mechanical properties. These mechanical properties could be hardness, strength or ductility. Note: For heat treatment there should be some quantity… Read More »