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Geothermal Energy | Definition, Advantage, Disadvantage, Applications

In this article we will learn following things about Geothermal energy. What is Geothermal energy? Its uses (or applications) Methods to harness it Its advantages and disadvantages (or limitations) What is Geothermal energy? Geothermal energy is a type of thermal energy which is generated and stored in earth. Note: Thermal energy is a type of… Read More »

OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness [Full Guide with Formula]

In this article we will learn following things about Overall equipment effectiveness also known as OEE. What is OEE? Its metrics or parameters Its measurement i.e. formula and calculation Its analysis Techniques to improve it What is Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)? As also mentioned above OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE is a technique… Read More »

Renewable Energy | Definition, Types, Advantages & Limitations

In this article we will learn following things about renewable energy What is renewable energy? Its types, examples and sources Its importance Its advantages and limitations What is renewable energy? Before moving on to the definition of renewable energy we should first know that there are two types of energy sources. Non-renewable sources of energy… Read More »

TPM: Total Productive Maintenance [Full Guide with Images]

What is TPM? The word TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance. TPM is a technique which is used in many companies to maximize the profit by minimizing the losses. The effect of Total Productive Maintenance can be measured in a scale of PQCDSM i.e. P: increases productivity of workplace Q: increases quality of service produced… Read More »