6 Things Which Decide Top Speed of Your Car

By | June 18, 2018

Six things which decide top speed of a car

Some cars run at the speed of approx 360 kmph, while the some others run at only 150 kmph.

Have you ever wondered what are the things which decide top speed of a car.

There are several factors which affect speed of a car.

But here we are with six major factors which affect the most. They are

1. Power of the Engine

Yes, the most important factor is how much powerful your engine is.

More powerful the engine more scope is there to convert is into the speed.

But how to convert Power of engine to speed. Read the next factor for answer.

2. Gear Ratio

Gears are the devices which plays with the speed and torque (since product of speed and torque is the power).

They bear the responsibility to convert torque into speed (however the power remains same). Greater the speed of car, less the torque available to the tires.

No surprise while climbing to mountains, we put our car to first or second gear, to get less speed bu more power. Hence, greater the gear ratio, greater will be the speed of our car.

3. Weight of the car

No doubt, payload on a vehicle decides its top speed. Highly loaded cars will achieve less speeds than the cars which have less payload.

4. Aerodynamics of the car

Aerodynamics plays a major role while deciding top speed of the car.

An aerodynamic structure provides less resistance to the air striking to it.

No doubt, why all the racing cars build streamlined.

5. Grip of the tires on the road

Tires should hold sufficient grip on the road, while a car is tend to achieve its top speed.

If the tires looses grip, slipping will happen and it will result in poorer speed and reduction in tire life.

6. Calorific value of the fuel used

Last but not the least, a fuel having high energy density always provides more power to the engine, which ultimately related to top speed of the car. So never underestimate the fuel.

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