Fog Lights

Any ordinary car headlights works well while we are travelling in summer nights. We can have a clear view of road ahead us and we drive smoothly. But what happens in winter nights, when the thick dense fog surrounds the whole city. Ordinary headlights fails !!! instead of light penetrating the fog and striking the road, the light scatters back to our eyes. As a result, we are not able to see the road clearly and could not drive. How to cater this problem???

Thanks God we have Fog Lights for that.

What is a Fog Light and How it works????

working of fog lights
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Fog lights are specially designed lights, which when placed in right place of our car can solve our problem. Let us understand this with the help of a diagram. While ordinary lights are placed above in front of our car bonnet, fog lights are placed below them with minimum distance from ground. Unlike main headlight fog light does not scatters its light above it, and only scatters horizontally to the road. Another reason of placing fog lights at very less height from the ground is that, fog generally hovers generally 12-18 inches above the ground, hence these lights has nothing to do with fog and only focus on road. However even beast quality fog lights do not mean that you will be running the car at full speeds in the road.

Fog lights are both placed in most of the cars in front as well as rear of the car (known as rear fog light). The purpose of rear fog light is to make the driver of back car aware of our car, so that he does not strikes us from back.

Fog lights

There are various types of fog lights are present in the market like halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, or Xenon (HID) lights.

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