Racing Car Tires vs Ordinary Car Tires

By | March 20, 2019

Have you ever seen a racing car?

If yes then you must have noticed one thing.

Tires of racing cars are different than those of ordinary cars.

How tiers of a racing car are different from an ordinary car?

Both the types of tiers have a lot of differences, not just physical but also the internal specifications and material used in construction are also different.

Designing of a product depends on its usage and place of application. Same type products which are being used in different conditions have some differences. These difference may lie either in building material or in structure. Same is the case with the tiers of racing cars and normal cars.

Racing Car tiers

Racing Car tiers

Differences in Usage of racing and ordinary car tiers

  1. Tire life is a major concern for day to day use car, we all want long lasting durable tires for our cars. In general, a life of 80000 Kms is expected from a normal road tier, on the other hand for a racing car tier it is only 300 Kms.
  2. Normal cars are not supposed to run with the speeds, which are comparable to racing cars.
  3. Normal cars have to run in almost all kinds of terrain, on the other hand racing cars has to run on specially designed tracks.
  4. While running at a very high-speed grip on the surface, is of the utmost importance to a racing car.
Ordinary car tier

Ordinary car tier

Differences in construction of ordinary and racing car tiers

  1. Normal car tiers are made up of durable material like rubber, heavy steel or Kevlar plated radial plies. On the other hand, racing car tiers are made up of special polymer compound aided by dual layer of particulate carbon.
  2. Normal car tiers are designed to bear extreme temperature in their whole lifespan, but racing car tiers are designed to bear extreme temperature due to speed.
  3. Racing car tiers are made of very soft materials so that a strong grip on the race track can be obtained, but normal car tiers are made of harder material which assures longer lifespan.
  4. In general racing car tiers tries to avoid making tread (based on legal requirement of country), since flat tires with more surface contact provides better grip on the road.

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