Aerodynamic Cars

On the basis of resistance provided by the objects to the air, objects can be divided into two parts. First one is aerodynamic and second one is non-aerodynamic.

An aerodynamic object offers least resistance to the air while either the object or the air is moving. On the other side the resistance provided by a non-aerodynamic object to the air while any one of them is moving against another is much more than in case of aerodynamic objects.

The term aerodynamic is generally used in context of automobiles and airplanes. However, the concept is same for both cars and airplanes, hence we will discuss here about aerodynamic cars.

What are aerodynamic cars and why they are required?

As we have discussed above that a non-aerodynamic object offers more resistance to the air which comes in its path, let us understand how this affects our vehicle performance. The resistance that air offers to a body is non-aerodynamic, adds to the load of the vehicle and requires more power to overcome it. To acquire this extra power an automobile has to burn more fuel. That is why, Modern day cars are more streamlined than what they are half a century ago.

aerodynamic cars

In case of racing cars, one cannot bear the air resistance, since it reduces the vehicle speed for a given power engine. Hence highly efficient aerodynamic cars are used in car racing. By virtue of their aerodynamic shapes these modern-day racing cars are so efficient that while running inside a cylindrical tunnel they can overcome their weight and run on the roof of the tunnel.

How badly air resistance affects the speed of a vehicle, can be simply understood by a simple experiment. A bicycle can achieve more speed which is running behind a truck or bus, rather than the one which is facing direct wind. In first case when bicycle runs behind a bus or truck than the air thrust is mostly taken by the front vehicle and the Bicycle has to take very less thrust, hence a bicycle rider can achieve more speed for the same power.

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