GATE Exam | Complete Details | Tips and Tricks to Qualify

Hi friends; in this article we will discuss following things about GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) What is GATE? Eligibility Opportunities after qualifying Tips and tricks for qualifying GATE What is GATE? GATE is an exam conducted by IISc and IITs for mainly taking admissions in master degree courses of their institutes. However apart… Read More »

Gear | Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, Types, Applications

What is a Gear? A Gear is a machine component, which is used to transmit mechanical power from one shaft to the other by successively engaging its teeth. Gears are one of the most used method of mechanical power transmission in the machines. Power transmission by the gears have almost 100% efficiency. Advantages of Gear… Read More »

Cam and Follower | Definition and Types Explained with Images

In this article we will learn following things about Cam and Follower What is a Cam and its types What is a follower and its types Definition of Cam A cam is a mechanical member used to impart desired motion to follower by direct contact Cam and follower combination belongs to the category of higher… Read More »

kinematic Pair | Link | Definition & Types Explained with Images

In this article we will discuss kinematic pair and its types. What is a kinematic pair? Before going to the definition of kinematic pair, let us first understand definition of a link. A resistant body or a group of resistant bodies with rigid connections preventing their relative movement is known as link. Image source links… Read More »

Machine Tools | Definition, Classification, Basic Elements, List

In this article we will learn following things about Machine tools What are machine (M/C) tools? Types or Classification Basic elements of M/C tools List of M/C tools What are machine tools? Machine tools are defined as a tool which while holding the cutting tool would be able to remove metal from the workpiece. Material… Read More »

Cutting Fluids | Functions, Types, Properties, Methods of Application

In this article we will learn following things about cutting fluids What are cutting fluids? Functions Types Properties Applications Methods of application What are cutting fluids? Cutting fluids are the fluids which are generally applied while the machining (or cutting) operation is taking place. The machining operation can be any i.e. milling, turning, drilling etc.… Read More »

Material Removal Process | Types, Advantages, Limitations, Applications

In this article we will learn following things about the material removal process (also known as machining process) What is material removal process? Types Advantages Limitations Applications What is a material removal process? Material removal process is a type of manufacturing process in which the final product is obtained by removing excess metal from the… Read More »