Aerodynamic Cars

On the basis of resistance provided by the objects to the air, objects can be divided into two parts. First one is aerodynamic and second […]

Winter Tires | Studded Tires

Walking on a dry road is much easier than that on a slippery road. What is the reason behind this? The reason is, slippery road […]

Automatic Braking System or Automatic Emergency Braking System

While driving car safety is one of the basic need. To avoid any collision or stop it at destination, a car is provided with the […]


A brief overview of lapping The life of the moving parts that are subjected to wear can be increased by eliminating hills and valleys and […]

Proximate Analysis of Coal

A Brief overview of Proximate Analysis of coal Proximate Analysis of coal is the easier of two types of coal analysis (Ultimate and Proximate) and […]

Cochran Boiler

Working and Construction of Cochran Boiler Cochran boiler consists of a cylindrical shell with its crown having a spherical shape. The furnace is also hemispherical […]

Power Plant Electrical Terminology

Some popularly used terms in Power Industry are discussed here. Each factor is defined and discussed in detail to make it easy to understand. Load […]

Natural Gas

A brief discussion on natural Gas Do you know the fact that natural gas known in the short form as CNG is used in buses, […]

Types of Energy

A brief discussion on types of energy There are various types of energy which, they include nuclear, electrical, thermal, chemical, and radiant energy. In addition, […]

Fouling Factor

Introduction to fouling factor The performance of heat exchangers usually deteriorates with time as a result of accumulation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces. The […]