Do Not Buy Mechanic Tool Set | Buy Only These 7 (4+3) Tools Instead

By | July 1, 2018

Mechanic Tool Set

Are you planning to buy a full mechanic tool set.

If you are a professional mechanic than it is OK, if not than why. Isn’t it wastage of money.

Since you do not require all the tools you are going to purchase. They all meant for only professionals, not an occasional mechanic like you and me.

Here I am with a list of only Seven tools (technically only four) which you need in order to fix your car.

A brief description will help you to go through.

Socket set

Socket set is one of the most important car maintenance tools. It contains a variety of sockets, which can deal with almost all nuts and bolts of a car. It is very useful while changing a damaged tyre or changing any other part. It is handy to use, and comfortable to work with.


While maintaining a car or any other machine one can not always rely on the socket set. We have to be ready for handling any variable size of nut and bolt. A wrench (or Slide wrench) is well suitable for that task, it can change itself according to dimensions of nuts and bolts. Wrench is one among most important automotive tools.


A screwdriver is a basic tool for any maintenance work, it is cheap and very useful. It is used for small fixes like those where screws are involved. One can not use socket set or wrench where screws are involved.


A small hammer is must for leverage. It can do quick fixes, which otherwise cause huge troubles. No need to buy a huge one, a handy hammer is sufficient.

Portable Light

Portable light is not a direct tool. but other tools will fail without it. You never know when a breakdown will happen. It may be a day or a night. A portable light is must, when it is night. Even in day time for several locations of your car, you need to use additional lighting system. Hence a portable light is one among other must have garage tools.


I know a cleaner is not a mechanical tool (technically), but it is not less than a tool. A mechanic tool set is never complete without cleaner. You never know fault will occur in which part. May be it is very dirty or rusted (because of ignorance). you have to first clean it before doing maintenance, so that the whole part is clearly visible.


Same like cleaner a lubricant is not also a mechanical tool (technically), but it is again very important. After maintenance sometimes it is deemed necessary to lubricate a part after maintenance. You can use a suitable grease for this purpose.

These seven tools (4+3) instead of a full mechanic tool set, are more than enough to do tiny fixes yourself on your car. It will save you from sudden troubles and help you save some extra bucks.

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