Liquefied Petroleum Gas | Advantages, Disadvantages [Comparison with Patrol]

By | July 2, 2018

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

All of you must be knowing Liquefied Petroleum Gas also known as LPG, for cooking food.

Do you know it is also used as a car fuel in many parts of the world. As like any other fuel it also has some advantages and limitations.

Here in this article we will try to understand all the pros and cons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. At the end we will compare it as a fuel with Petrol.

Advantages of LPG

  1. It contains very less amount of carbon in it, hence LPG powered vehicles produce almost 50% less CO2 than petrol. However, Nitrogen compounds are comparable to Patrol.
  2. It mixes with air at all temperatures.
  3. It provides a uniform charge for combustion, in case of multi cylinder engine.
  4. It has very high compression ratios.
  5. It has very high antiknock characteristics.
  6. Its calorific value is almost 80%, compared to that of gasoline. however, its very high octane number compensates the thermal efficiency.
  7. Researches proves that Using It saves almost 50% of cost than patrol.
  8. The engine may have 50% longer life.

Disadvantages of LPG

  1. It produces 10% less power, compared to patrol, on the same engine.
  2.  Its Ignition temperature is higher than that of petrol, it leads to 5% less lifetime of valves.
  3. An efficient cooling system is required, since same is used to provide the heat to the LPG vaporizer (convert liquid into Gas).
  4. Due to heavy cylinders, used to store LPG, weight of the engine gets increased considerably.
  5. A special fuel feed system is required for it.

Comparison of LPG with Patrol

Patrol Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Fuel consumption is less fuel consumption is more
Patrol has odor It is odorless
Octane number is 81 Octane number is 110
Engine running is not as smooth as LPG Engine runs smooth on LPG fuel
To increase octane number Lead is used in Patrol It is Lead free
Life of petrol engine is comparatively less than LPG engine Life of engine is more than that on patrol
Due to carbon deposit on spark plug its life decreases No carbon deposit problem

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