Petrol in Diesel Engine | Signs, Damages, Remedy

By | March 23, 2019

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Fueling petrol in diesel engines is a common mistake, which generally occurs at fueling stations. It is a topic of special interest in technical community that what happens in such a situation. Will the engine start, what will be the damages, how to know that there is wrong fuel in our car.

Signs that there is petrol in diesel engine fuel tank

  1. Vehicle is causing difficulty in starting, especially when it is warm.
  2. Engine is causing a lot of Noise when under load
  3. Engine is giving smoky exhaust, instead of transparent one.

Damages caused by using petrol in diesel engine

  1. Since diesel engine use a pump to send diesel into the combustion chamber, if we put petrol in diesel engine, it will act as a solvent and will remove all the lubrication from the pump. Making pump dry and causing damage to its working and life.
  2. Petrol will damage or reduce the life of all the parts, which are meant to be used exclusively with diesel.
  3. Small partials eroded by the reduced friction in the fuel pump and line, will damage the whole fuel system.

Signs of damage due to wrong fuel

  1. It is difficult to stop engine completely, once started. it is due to damage caused by the petrol to the oil seals and plunger. It will result in the constant leakage of the fuel in the combustion chamber.
  2. Engine will lose power while running at high speed

What to do now

  1. Do not start the car, because it will circulate the fuel in the whole engine.
  2. If you have already started the car, stop it immediately and take the help of a professional in draining petrol.

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