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Walking on a dry road is much easier than that on a slippery road. What is the reason behind this?

The reason is, slippery road is not able to provide us with the necessary friction required to hold the grip and move forward.

The same thing also happens with the automobiles trying to move through a road which is shrouded with the ice. In ice normal car tires are not able to hold the grip and move forward. To cater our need to drive in a snowy road we need to use specially designed Winter Tires.

Winter Tireswinter tires

These tires are designed to be used in areas were friction in road surface is very low. These tires have bigger tread design with bigger gap than those tires which are used in summer days. These tires are made to operate below 7°C. However even these tires fail if a car desires to maintain a decent speed in such a slippery winter road. Hence for this case we have to use specially designed studded tires. Obviously, the question strikes to our mind, what is studded Tires?

Studded Tires

Studded tires

These are specially designed tires fitted with studs (generally made Tungsten Carbide), to hold extreme grip even in the snowy road. They maintain a positive engagement with the road. Studded tires pierce the snow and get the required grip to move through it. These tires generally made Tungsten Carbide, which is a very hard ceramic. These studded tires can cause a huge damage to roads, while driving in summer season. Hence, in many countries these types of tires are only allowed in winter season and not in summer season. There is a variety of Studded tires available in market as per the need of user. Some people even modify their ordinary car tires themselves, to get exactly what they desire.

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