Theory of Machines by S S Rattan

Book: Theory of Machines


S S Rattan

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

Publication: Tata McGraw-Hill

Note: This single book Theory of Machines covers the topic of subjects Kinematics of machines (KOM) and Dynamics of Machines (DOM). It means you do not have to buy to separate books for KOM and DOM, this single book will do the job.

Bonus: In this book a chapter named as Vibrations is included, which is almost sufficient for the subject Mechanical Vibrations too.

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List of chapters

  1. Mechanisms of machines
  2. Velocity analysis
  3. Acceleration analysis
  4. Computer aided analysis of mechanisms
  5. Graphical and computer aided synthesis of mechanisms
  6. Lower pairs
  7. Cams
  8. Friction
  9. Belts, Ropes and chains
  10. Gears
  11. Gear trains
  12. Static force analysis
  13. Dynamic force analysis
  14. Balancing
  15. Brakes and dynamometers
  16. Governors
  17. Gyroscope
  18. Vibrations
  19. Automated control

Theory of Machines by S S Rattan

Features of the book

  • This book is loaded with solved examples in each chapter, which will help you in understanding subject matter in the best way.
  • Illustrative images are used everywhere, where they are needed.
  • Every chapter is in detail.
  • A good number of subjective questions are given in the end of each chapter for practice.
  • A summery is added at the end of each chapter, which helps in the quick review of the subject before any exam.
  • Covers all the topics related to engineering semester exams.
  • A good amount of chapter wise objective questions is given with solution at the end of the book. It makes this book a complete package for competitive exams.
  • Index is provided at the end of the book for quickly locating the topic, which you are searching.
  • Best for the preparation of the GATE and ESE exam.

Other remarks

  • Reputed publication i.e. Tata McGraw-Hill
  • Reputed author: Mr. S S Rattan (Professor of NIT, Kurukshetra)

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