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Natural Gas

A brief discussion on natural Gas Do you know the fact that natural gas known in the short form as CNG is used in buses, […]

law of conservation of mass

Conservation of mass is one of the most fundamental principles in nature. We are all familiar with this principle, and it is not difficult to […]

The Greenhouse Effect: Global Warming and Climate Change

You have probably noticed that when you leave your car under direct sunlight on a sunny day, the interior of the car gets much warmer […]

Acid Rain

Fossil fuels are mixtures of various chemicals, including small amounts of sulfur. The sulfur in the fuel reacts with oxygen to form sulfur dioxide (SO2), […]

Causes of vibration, its Harmful Effects and Remedies

Causes of vibration, its Harmful Effects and Remedies Causes of Vibrations in machines For minimizing the undesired vibrations of machines, it is utmost important to […]

Mechanical Vibrations and its Types

Mechanical Vibrations and its different Types Vibration when a particle goes on one side from mean position and returns back and then it goes to […]

Battery life and good battery using practices

Decreased battery life is a problem generally occurs with the batteries of mobile phones and laptops. It seems after some time (usually a year) of […]