Automatic Braking System or Automatic Emergency Braking System

While driving car safety is one of the basic need. To avoid any collision or stop it at destination, a car is provided with the manual brakes. But what will happen if due to exhaustion, or some distraction (like phone call, beautiful scenery etc.) a driver is not able to apply the brakes at right time. This would be a condition of sure collision, which may lead to loss of property or even life. In any case you will be left with uninvited trouble. So what, what is next, what is there to avoid this kind of situation, so that we can avoid any kind of loss to our life and property.

The solution is Automatic Braking System (sometimes also referred as Automatic Emergency Braking System). This is an advanced technology which makes it sure to stop a vehicle, even if the driver is not aware of the situation. So how an Automatic Braking system works.

Automatic Braking System

An Automatic Braking system is provided with sensors, which continuously detects the objects coming in front of car. The many advanced cars they are smart enough to differentiate between the object and part of scenery.

When these sensors find an object in front of the car, and a collision is suspected, a buzzer is beeped inside the car (In some cars, it is associated with a light in the eyes of driver) so that driver become aware by himself and apply the brakes.

If driver doesn’t respond and do not applies the brakes, automatic system works and brakes are applied automatically.

However, it is a thing to keep in mind that working of Automatic Braking System depends on manufacturers, which means for some automobiles it only works for stationary object (like a stopped car in front of your car, may be due to red light) and for others it can work for both stationary and moving objects. Working of this automatic system is also speed specific, for some cars it may work for even 60 kmph but while for others it may not even work at 55 kmph.

Accuracy of this system however is very high, but still a matter of debate. It is good to be well versed with your car and how it works in your car (if Automatic Braking System is provided in your car). Take a proper guidance of your company and also read car manual carefully.

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