Month: April 2018

Applications of Internal and External Combustion (IC & EC) Engines

On the basis of place of actual combustion of the fuel, engines are categorized into internal and external combustion engines. In internal combustion engine fuel […]

Internal Combustion Engines Classification

To understand Internal combustion engines completely one has to be well versed with engine classification. Internal combustion engines can be classified on the basis of […]

Comparison between Four Stroke and Two Stroke Engines

Here is a comparison between four Stroke Engine and two Stroke Engines in tabular form. Description Two Stroke Engine Four Stroke engines Output/Revolution of crank […]

Comparison between Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) Engines

Comparison between SI and CI engine Abbreviations used SI : Spark Ignition, CI: Compression Ignition Many people generally find it difficult to differentiate between SI and CI […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines

As like every other heat engine, there are some advantages and some Disadvantages of reciprocating internal combustion engines. Let us start one by one. Advantages […]

5 Commonly Used Fuels in Racing Cars

Racing cars use a wide variety of fuels (sometimes also referred as racing fuels). Some Commonly Used Fuels in Racing Cars are given below. Leaded […]

Heat Engines and Classification of Heat Engines

Definition of Heat Engine Before defining and doing Classification of Heat Engines let us first define Engine. An Engine is a device one form of energy […]

Difference Between Racing Car Tires and Normal Car Tires

Many of us have this question our mind that what are the differences between racing car tires and normal car tires. Not just physical differences […]

Fog Lights

Any ordinary car headlights works well while we are travelling in summer nights. We can have a clear view of road ahead us and we […]

Aerodynamic Cars

On the basis of resistance provided by the objects to the air, objects can be divided into two parts. First one is aerodynamic and second […]