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Applications of Internal and External Combustion (IC & EC) Engines

If to want to learn external combustion engines in detail please refer below link. External combustion engines On the basis of place of actual combustion of the fuel, engines are categorized into internal and external combustion engines. In internal combustion engine fuel burns inside the engine, while in external combustion engine actual burning of fuel… Read More »

Internal Combustion Engines Classification

Classification of Internal combustion Engines To understand Internal combustion engines completely one has to be well versed with engine classification. Internal combustion engines can be classified on the basis of several grounds. Some of the most popular grounds of IC engines classification are discussed here in detail. Based on type of fuel used  IC engines… Read More »

Aerodynamic vs Non-Aerodynamic Cars [Differences & Benefits]

What is an aerodynamic object? On the basis of resistance provided by the objects to the air, objects can be divided into two parts. Aerodynamic objects and Non-aerodynamic objects An aerodynamic object offers least resistance to the air when either the object or the air is moving. On the other hand the resistance provided by… Read More »

What are Winter Tires? [Explained with Pictures]

We all know walking on a dry surface is much easier than that of on a slippery surface. Why walking on a slippery surface is difficult than walking on dry road? The reason is, a slippery surface is not able to provide us the necessary friction required to hold the grip and move forward. Now… Read More »