Month: February 2018

Characteristics of an ideal working fluid in vapour power cycles

We all know any thermodynamic power cycle depends on some working fluid for the transfer of heat from source to the point where it is […]

Availability and dead state of a thermodynamic system

When a system is not in equilibrium (or dead state in this case) with its surroundings there is an opportunity in convert this departure from […]

Specific heat and latent heat

Specific heat Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kg substance by one degree Kalvin. The […]

Path function and point function

A brief discussion on path function and point function For solving problems based on Thermodynamics, knowledge of path function and point function is necessary. Hence […]

Thermodynamic property, process and cycle

Thermodynamic property A thermodynamic property is a state variable whose value defines a state of the system for e.g. pressure, temperature, and volume. Thermodynamic properties […]

Thermodynamic system (open, closed, isolated)

 A thermodynamic system can be defined as a quantity of matter or a region in space which is under investigation, anything external to the system […]

Irreversibility of a thermodynamic process

To understand Irreversibility of a thermodynamic process first we have to understand what is reversibility. If in the end of a process both the systems and […]

Laws of thermodynamics

There are three basic laws of thermodynamics that are as follows Zeroth law of thermodynamics: It states “When a body A is in thermodynamic equilibrium […]

Thermodynamic equilibrium

A system is said to be in thermodynamic equilibrium, if no change in any macroscopic property (like pressure, volume and temperature) is observed when the […]

Battery life and good battery using practices

Decreased battery life is a problem generally occurs with the batteries of mobile phones and laptops. It seems after some time (usually a year) of […]